Conservation, Community and How to Hatch a Fish

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Conservation, Community and How to Hatch a Fish

Over 50 people gathered at the property of St. Anthony’s Catholic church on the shores of Buck creek in our small town of Houston, BC on the eve of May [...]

A Quick Peek at the Pilot Coho Hatchery in Houston

Eggs - eyed eggs - alevin - fry - smolts - adults - spawners. That's the mantra students all over this province repeat as they learn their salmon life cycle [...]

And Then There Were Fish – Coho To Be Exact.

For the past year a small group of A Rocha volunteers who go by the name Upper Bulkley River Streamkeepers has been talking, dreaming and taking small steps towards a small [...]

"Streamkeepers are curious people."

During our 3 days of Streamkeepers training last week I was delighted to see how many times the above words of our amazing teacher, ZoAnn Morten from Pacific Streamkeepers Federation, [...]

Northern BC – 2014 in Review

Help. Thanks. Wow. As I reflect on the past year I can’t help but think of Anne Lamott’s “three essential prayers”… Help. Thanks. Wow. These prayers have become a daily [...]