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A story of hope

A Rocha’s work in Canada began in 2000 and has spread across Canada with focused activity in BC, Manitoba and Ontario. In each place, A Rocha staff and volunteers are responding to the biblical call to steward creation through hands-on conservation, education and agriculture projects.

The story of A Rocha’s beginnings and growth is whimsically told in the book Planted, a Story of Creation, Calling and Community. Planted invites the reader to travel with author Leah Kostamo and the A Rocha team on the wild ride of salmon saving, stranger welcoming and God-worshipping as they establish the first Christian environmental centre in Canada.

A Rocha’s work is most fully expressed through our environmental centres and projects in BC, Manitoba and Ontario.

“Planted is a work of grace and wit, conveying the joy for which A Rocha is known.”
Huffington Post
“If bad news about the planet is getting you down, read Planted. If all Christians were like those in A Rocha, ours would be a radically different world.”
Margaret Atwood, Author
“In an arena frequently marked by controversy and acrimony, A Rocha is cheerful, winsome, exuding gratitude. A Rocha’s work is characterized by joy and humility – it is always local, personal, relational, and hospitable.”
Rev. Eugene H. Peterson, author of The Message

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