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[Inspiring Hope, Caring for Creation] A Rocha intern gardening with a young child


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April 23, 2017


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Welcome to A Rocha

In an environmental context often characterized by fear and paralysis, A Rocha is bringing hope through care of both people and places. We are preserving sensitive habitats and threatened species, growing organic food and feeding people living on low income, inspiring school children and training young people. A Rocha is changing the way people treat the earth.

British Columbia

Latest news & events

Barn Raiser features a National Geographic Photographer

April 21st, 2017|

Featured Speaker On May 25, A Rocha folks from around Metro Vancouver will gather at the Vancouver Convention Centre for great food, warm community and inspiring stories as we look ahead to [...]

Northern Red-Legged Frog

April 20th, 2017|

Northern Red-Legged Frog – Photo by Corey Bunnell Threats to a Species at Risk The northern red-legged frog is a medium-sized frog in the family of “true” frogs (Ranidae). It is listed as a [...]

Backyard Salmon Hatching

April 19th, 2017|

Volunteer Spotlight on the Bulkley Valley Cindy Verbeek spearheads A Rocha's work in Northern BC, caring for streams in the Bulkley Valley watershed. As the solo staff person working on the ground, she has [...]

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