A Rocha’s Bulkley Valley Streamkeepers have passed the first step of the Aviva Community Fund competition. Our project proposal to build a fish hatchery in Houston, BC has been approved! Now we need your help.

All you need to do is go to our project homepage and click on the “Submit your votes” button between October 11-28th.

Each registered participant has 18 votes they can use at any time from October 11-28 and can vote for the same idea more than once. The top 30 finalists are reviewed and evaluated by Aviva’s independent panel of judges who choose the winning ideas.

If we win we will be able to build our salmon hatchery and engage schools, tourists and community groups in learning and contributing to conservation in the Upper Bulkley River Watershed – considered one of the most endangered and impacted watersheds in the larger Skeena watershed.

Will you help? It’s easy, it’s quick and the results will be far reaching.