Polish your binos and sharpen your pencils ’cause this year’s Houston Bioblitz is going to be the best ever thanks to a grant from our friends from the TD Friends of the Environment fund and the Bulkley Valley Credit Union!

Last year we counted 222 species, up from 2016’s 164 mostly because we had a Forest Ecologist who joined us, but this year we are going to blow that number out of the water!

How you ask? We’ve got wonderful people who are experts in birds, insects, fish, plants and bats who have agreed to lead focussed teams to document biodiversity in the Upper Bulkley River Watershed in a 24 hour period. And, thanks to our funding, each team will have a shiny new backpack with supplies specific to what they are looking for AND the community will be treated to a free Bar-B-Q lunch.

Here’s how it will work.

  • Each team will have one expert in the field, one local expert and anyone else who wants to join. Register for free. 
  • Each team will focus on one group of organisms: birds, aquatic insects, terrestrial insects, plants, bats, or fish.
  • A team of photographers will float between groups to snap pics of creatures and counters alike.
  • Counting will begin at 6:00 pm May 25th and end at 6:00 pm on May 26th in and around Houston, BC .
  • All sightings will be entered into the iNaturalist Houston Bioblitz 2018 project.
Register for a Team


Can’t make it? That’s OK. Register for the Home team and submit your sightings to the iNaturalist  Houston Bioblitz 2018 project.

Watch for last minute details on our facebook event or contact cindy.verbeek@arocha.ca for more information.