“This program is everything I have been looking for for the last two years.”

Nature Academy

An outdoor school for hands-on science, wilderness skills, gardening, and child-led nature exploration. At Nature Academy, we study the earth, care for the land, and play in the wild!

Hosted at the Cedar Haven Eco-Centre.

Program Overview

“I can’t say how pleased I was with this program. Everything from the setting, to the staff, to the programming was great.”

Why Nature Academy?

Nature Academy encourages ecological literacy, identity and responsibility through immersive nature education to foster healthy relationships with the earth that last a lifetime.

“A great balance of crafts, stories, play, lesson, and nature immersion.”


Nurturing curious minds to know, love and care for our natural neighbourhoods.

“We feel this is a good pairing to their public education and want to foster a love for the outdoors.”

Integrated Education

We believe Nature Academy can be integrated into your child’s education, no matter where they are the rest of the week.

Not sure how to make it work? Let’s chat.

“We have always wanted to send our kids to a program like this but finances and location have always been a barrier. We were thrilled when you launched this program.”

Details & Registration

Registration has now closed for Fall 2021, please check again in March 2022.

“While he was attending nature school his attitude toward getting outside really became more positive. I think Nature Academy was such a great part of his week.”

Highlights from Last Term

“Our kids absolutely loved it…they gained skills, grew in confidence, made friends and really enjoyed the Cedar Haven farm and staff.”


If you’re looking for additional information, send us an email!

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