When you visit Winnipeg, you very quickly have a sense of connection with the “place” you find yourself. The wind blows steady on your face. The flatness creates long views. The Red River cuts the city in two and meets the Assiniboine River at the heart of Winnipeg (aka The Forks). This place, like so many, is a good one for showing God’s love by inspiring hope and paying close attention to Creation.

This short write-up comes from A Rocha’s CEO, Luke Wilson, about his trip to visit the A Rocha Manitoba team, and Manitoba Director, Scott Gerbrandt.

On this trip, we also visited Walter Loewen in East Braintree to see the future home of A Rocha’s Boreal Ecology Centre. This new project stems from decades of dreaming of having people experience the sacredness and goodness of this gateway into the Boreal Forest. We are humbled by the commitment to place that Walter (and late wife Eleanor) demonstrate. The hope is to have shovels in the ground very soon! You can be in touch with Scott directly to learn more about the vision for this project.

Whether you call Winnipeg home or are just visiting, know that there is a new community forming of people who want to care for this particular place.

If you would like to visit the new site, you have an opportunity to do so on May 11th. Check out the event page for more info! 

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