Using Your Climate Action Incentive Payment for Creation Care

By Marnie Klassen, A Rocha Manitoba Communications and Admin Assistant 

March 29, 2022

What is the CAIP?

If you live in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Ontario, you will be receiving a Climate Action Incentive Payment along with your 2021 tax return. This $300 or more helps individuals and families offset the cost of federal pollution pricing. If you have the means, consider how this payment can be an excellent opportunity to contribute in a practical way to environmental resilience, biodiversity protection, and climate action. 

How can I use my CAIP for creation care? 

One of the ways to use the CAIP for creation care is through donating to a carbon offset fund. Climate Stewards, a project of A Rocha International, is a climate offset fund that not only keeps carbon out of the atmosphere, but also protects ecosystems and communities.

Carbon offsetting certainly has its dangers – we can use it to ease our guilt and let ourselves off the hook for caring for creation in other ways. Sometimes offset projects overpromise and underdeliver, or use improper reforestation practices. All that said, carbon offsetting is exciting because what you’re actually doing is investing in innovative climate solutions!1

A Rocha International recently published a very helpful article about Nature Based Solutions to Climate Change – our work on biodiversity protection and habitat restoration is deeply intertwined with climate change mitigation. (If you want to learn more about the many cool climate solutions out there, check out the How to Save a Planet podcast or Project Drawdown!) 

What else can I do with my CAIP? 

I like to think about using my CAIP as investing in a project that I’m excited about. Last year, I donated my CAIP to the “greening the building” fund at my church. Our building is 100 years old, and we’re gathering money to replace the (very) old boiler with a high efficiency heating system, among other smaller projects to help make the building energy efficient and creation-friendly!

This year I plan to diversify my use of the CAIP – I’m planning to divide it between my church’s green fund, carbon offsets through Climate Stewards, and A Rocha Canada’s general budget. This way, I can make significant contributions to something local and concrete, something national and visionary, and something with a global impact. 

Here are some ideas of what you can do with yours:

  1. Donate to Climate Stewards
    This carbon offset program supports the work of A Rocha in Uganda. Funds go towards providing families with biosand filters, which keep carbon from the atmosphere and provide a family with clean water. Click here to calculate your carbon footprint or make a donation in Canada. 
  2. Donate to the work of A Rocha Canada
    We believe that the work of transforming people and places is critical, hopeful, and necessary. We would love your support!
  3. Contribute to energy-efficiency in your home, workplace, or church
    Check with your church’s building manager, green team, or council to see what your church might need help with in this area. 
  4. Rewild your yard
    Consider turning whatever land you have access to into a friendly habitat for native flora and fauna! Fort Whyte Alive’s Naturescape program can help.
  5. Get creative!
    There are so many options beyond the ones listed here. Put your money, time, and energy towards what excites you!

¹If you’re interested in the math that goes into carbon calculators, TenTree’s offsetting program offers plenty of upfront details which I’ve found helpful. According to TenTree, it costs about $100CAD to offset your year, and according to WestJet’s carbonzero platform, around $15CAD offsets a domestic round-trip flight.

Climate Stewards

Offset Your Carbon Footprint!

$100 CAD approximately offsets the average Canadian's lifestyle for 1 year.
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