Spring has sprung! We’ve had our hands busy in creation care across the country as we continue to engage in creative new ways to continue our work despite the uncertain times. We have also had our voices in the media, sharing the goodness of the Creator’s work and inviting others to participate in it. Check out the recent podcasts and articles featuring familiar faces/voices from across the country:

LISTEN: Where to Begin Your Creation Care Journey – Ending Poverty Together Podcast (Ep. 10)

“We care for only what we love, we love only what we know, and we truly know only what we experience. If we do not know our place, know it more than in a passing cursory way, know it intimately and personally, then we are destined to use and abuse it.” – Luke Wilson

When was the last time you stepped outside, took a deep breath of fresh air, and let yourself wonder at the beauty of creation?

There are lots of big questions when it comes to caring for our planet, but perhaps our first step in finding the answers is to simply let ourselves rediscover wonder. From there, the next steps to fixing our broken relationship with creation can begin to unfold.

Luke Wilson, CEO of A Rocha Canada, talks through the importance of story in the climate change movement, the wonder of tasting a carrot fresh from the earth, and encourages each of us to find our own connection to creation.

LISTEN: Dealing with Our Ecological Grief – CBC Listen and READ: Growing in Grief – Winnipeg Free Press

“When I started working with A Rocha, I was seeing life and death happen every day in the natural world,” [Kari Miller] says. “When the seasons come — winter, spring, summer and then going back into fall — we can see how death is a part of our ecosystems. Death is also inherent in things like compost, where you have plants and decaying food waste that die naturally and are made into rich soil and nutrients that encourage other life forms to grow.”

“Working with A Rocha and my studies have taken me to a point of saying, maybe part of the reason we struggle with knowing how to grieve in North America is that we are often so disengaged and separate from the natural world,” she adds.

Explore why feeling overwhelmed about climate change is OK, and how to turn those feelings into positive action to change the world. Faith Fundal spoke to Kari Miller with A Rocha Manitoba to hear more about the discussion she is moderating, Ecological Grief and Exploring Hope.

LISTEN: Earth Day and Caring for Creation – Connections Podcast

“One of the ways that we can learn more about the environment and learn more about the places that we’re in is to pay attention to them. What kins of birds are in your neighbourhood? What kinds of trees? Where does the water come from? Where does it go?

Once we learn our place and get to know what’s around us then we find that we can see the wonder and the awe of creation and learn to love it. Once we love the place that we’re in that’s where a posture of caring can come from.” – Zoe Matties

How did you celebrate Earth Day last month? Or perhaps, a more important question is how are you celebrating Earth Day every day?

Scott Gerbrandt, A Rocha Manitoba director and Zoe Matties, A Rocha Manitoba program manager share the importance of Earth Day and how we as Christians can start caring for the world around us.

LISTEN: Mediation, Reconciliation and Climate Change – A Rocha International Field Notes Podcast (Ep. 3)

What role does reconciliation, mediation and forgiveness have in tackling the climate crisis?

Dr. Paul Kariya is Senior Policy Advisor for the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative, an alliance of nine British Columbia First Nations which aims to protect the Great Bear Rainforest, and was a trustee of A Rocha International for nearly a decade. By the end of the 1990s, forest and ocean resources of the area were being rapidly depleted by heavy industrial logging and commercial fishing. The Great Bear Initiative was envisioned to assert First Nations leadership in creating a new conservation-based economy. Paul talks to Bryony and Peter about his work with the Great Bear Initiative, the importance of conflict and reconciliation and how he holds hope for the planet.

For more information about the Great Bear Rainforest visit http://greatbearcorp.ca/about/

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