The Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre located SW of Winkler, Manitoba has been part of the A Rocha family since 2005.  Since 2015, it has been in process to become an independent “partnered project” of A Rocha Canada.

Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances (both short-term and long-term dynamics), the Pembina Valley centre is at a critical juncture and may need to be sold.

We are all saddened by these challenges, and A Rocha Canada has been supporting as much as possible during this vulnerable time.  Jamie Fox (Centre Director) and Henry Martens (centre founder and former PVIC board chair), have coordinated excellent creation care efforts over the years.

PVIC  is a gorgeous property and guest house from which staff and volunteers have welcomed thousands of visitors into a journey of wonder and delight in creation.  Years of regular nature talks, bioblitzes, summer camps, student groups and night sky celebrations have all greatly enriched the community.

Pembina is also home to a magnificent raptor migration.  From February to April the valley becomes one of the best places in North America to witness a northward migration of 14 species of raptors.  There have been many survey days that have included seeing in excess of 3,000 red-tailed hawks in a single day.

The PVIC community will be gathering on Tuesday, June 26th to discern next steps, and we ask for your prayer for wisdom, clarity, and grace.  If you live in the area and would like to visit the centre and be part of this “town hall” event (5:30pm picnic dinner, 7:30pm discussion).