Steve Bell and Malcolm Guite Serenade a Packed Heritage Barn

Written by Shai Kroeker, Environmental Educator

The shower-peppered day of July 21 could not dampen the enthusiastic spirits of everyone at A Rocha as we prepared for “Songs and Sonnets” with Steve Bell and Malcolm Guite. The Brooksdale Guesthouse Kitchen was humming with extraordinary culinary creations led by Chef Joseph, the cob oven was crackling with fiery heat for Farmer Paul to bake some fluffy flat bread, and the barn was buzzing to set the stage. 

A Rocha Brooksdale Barn

Inside the barn, the hay loft had been transformed into a majestic, intimate concert hall. Malcolm’s heart-gripping recitals of his meaningful poetry and Steve’s guitar melodies, as well as his powerful vocals, filled the barn loft!  The whole place was evidently Spirit-filled as the beauty of songs and sonnets flowed continuously throughout the evening along with great wit, laughter and poignant stories. 


Dr. Guite’s brilliant poem titled “What Came First – The River or the Fish?” aptly relates to our work stewarding the Little Campbell River Watershed. Our own Christie Goode spoke so eloquently and poetically about the story of A Rocha and invited the audience to journey with us.  The enduring friendship, respect and love between Malcolm and Steve is infectious, and it was a huge privilege to witness their creative collaboration! Magical! Uplifting! Encore!

And Is It Not Enough - Malcolm Guite Poetry Gif


God is being glorified through the creative geniuses of these two marvelous people and the dynamic duo will be doing an Advent Tour across Canada Dec 1-12!  Keep a lookout for ticketing details here. You can follow Dr. Guite’s poetry works and readings on his website

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The Campaign for Brooksdale

We are pleased to announce that A Rocha is launching a $10.5 million Campaign for Brooksdale. We are restoring our heritage barn into a Conservation Learning Centre, building a new adjacent food and hospitality centre, refurbishing Hazelmere Cottage to expand our internship program, and updating the heritage buildings.
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