Project Description

The Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas) is a Blue-listed amphibian species found in western North America. The species exhibits communal breeding and strong site fidelity. Typically, all of the breeding females of a given population lay their eggs in one location within a wetland. The eggs hatch as tadpoles and school together until they emerge as metamorphosed toadlets, at which point they migrate en masse into natural areas surrounding their home wetland. The Western Toad is threatened by human activities that cause habitat loss and is in decline in the Lower Mainland. A Rocha Canada’s Conservation Science Team has focused survey efforts in the late spring and early summer on six sites in the Little Campbell River watershed, assessing the sites for suitable Western Toad habitat, searching for individuals of any life stage, as well as following the toadlet migration and conducting road surveys. One breeding population was found in 2013, and has been monitored annually since its discovery.