Christie Goode at Barn Raiser

Let the Barn Raising Begin!

By Christie Goode, VP of Advancement

On May 25th A Rocha Canada hosted 300 guests at a Barn Raiser gala at the Vancouver Convention Centre as part of launching its $10.5 million campaign for the Brooksdale Environmental Centre.

“We can’t thank you enough for inviting us to the Barn Raiser event! My goodness it was lovely. It has been affecting us all weekend and I’m sure it will for months to come. You guys are doing such great work! We are not able to give much at this time, but I really do want to help in any small way we can.” – Amanda Froese

“I came expecting it to be interesting.  What I experienced was a gentle mix of inspiring and humbling.  Your ability to do ‘people and place’ well and so safely invites people into a story of stewardship and inspires them to move forward.” – Dave Loewen

Brooksdale is A Rocha Canada’s flagship environmental centre, a 17 acre property of 85 year-old heritage buildings, located in Surrey.  A Rocha has been stewarding the property since 2010, and now hosts over 5,000 visitors per year, including 2,000 school children through its education programs.

In 2016, after years of negotiation and legal work, A Rocha Canada officially gained title of Brooksdale and another adjacent 10-acre property called Hazelmere Cottage. So now is the time to begin updating the heritage buildings, adding some washrooms, refurbishing Hazelmere Cottage, and renovating our heritage barn into a Conservation Learning Centre.

More details on the hows and whys of what we’re doing can be found here.

This video will tell you the wonderful story of how the Brooksdale Centre was gifted to A Rocha.


Please join with us in deep gratitude for how God is providing for A Rocha’s work of caring for people and places.

And join us by giving, connecting or visiting, as we focus now on stewarding such this wonderful environmental centre that is offering education programs, conservation projects, habitat restoration and sustainable agriculture to thousands of people and groups across the Lower Mainland.

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