Winnipeg’s hot summer is in full swing, bringing beautiful and bountiful vegetables from the Just Growing gardens to the tables of people in need.

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church has partnered with A Rocha in urban agriculture. Over 325 sq. m. of garden plots (5 locations) grow a variety of produce and flowers; all of the produce reaped from these little pieces of God’s earth goes directly to neighbourhood residents in need, many of whom live with mental disabilities, are on welfare or disability, and some of whom are marginalized. Produce goes both to individuals who participate in tending and harvesting the gardens, as well as to local organizations such as transitional housing, food banks, and soup kitchens.

Thus far, Just Growing has harvested 16 kilograms of produce, including lettuce, spinach, peas, cauliflower, onions, beets, carrots, zucchini, vegetable marrow, sweet peppers, and a variety of herbs. 76 people have directly participated in activities and, in total, 450 people have benefitted, either through direct involvement or through produce deliveries to local organizations.

The four interns involved in the program continue to learn about the mechanics of gardening, as well as exploring the biblical and theological background for creation care.

Coming up:
Weekly events (through the end of August):
Tuesdays (10am) Garden Day, Portage Avenue Church
Thursdays (10am) Garden Day, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church
Fridays (10am) Cooking Day (harvest, prepare, and eat together), St. Margaret’s Anglican Church
Special events: Arthropod (BUG) Day, August 24th, 4-5pm, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church