Jessie loved God’s creation. In her city home, Jessie’s backyard was an oasis of flowers, plants and trees, where her wonderful hospitality extended even to stray cats, foxes and ducks who found refuge there!

She was enthralled by the majestic wilds of Muskoka, and passed that on to her grandchildren. Together they collected interesting leaves, rocks, sticks and moss on long forest walks. The Thanksgiving table would always be beautifully decorated with dried grasses, acorns and brilliantly coloured maple leaves, one more evidence of how Jessie integrated God’s natural world into her human experience.

It is fitting that her grandson, Ben, is now the manager of A Rocha’s Cedar Haven Eco-Centre, located just off Highway 6, between Hamilton and Guelph. Cedar Haven is a sacred place that offers environmental education and hospitality, and teaches people how to care for creation.

We thought it a suitable tribute to Jessie to create this fund in her name.

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution to Jessie’s legacy.

In loving memory of Jessie McCullough

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