Hope fuels action, action fuels hope.

Hope. It’s such a small word and yet it holds so much. It anticipates the future with joy, allows the past to gently guide and gives the present energy. If there were to be a theme to 2019 it would have been hope. In particular, intentionally finding hope amidst the chaos. (Quote her about choosing a posture of hope).

In February of 2019 I was privileged to be able to visit 10 cities in three provinces around this great country and speak to 350 people from 17 churches, and over 500 children and youth in Christian schools, a youth group and The King’s University.

In my presentation, entitled Finding Hope, I shared my journey over the past 25 years with creation care, depression and healing. I encouraged everyone I met to see both the good and the bad in the world as a way of keeping grounded. Over and over again people shared their struggle with losing hope when faced with the vastness and complexity of the problems we face in our world and the appreciation for keeping a posture of hope. Not to ignore the issues but to hold onto hope, to give energy and forward movement, to help be a part of the solutions.

We took a journey through scriptures through the lens of creation care to relearn the importance of creation to God and tools that God has given us to care for it better. We were reminded of the power of the resurrection and encouraged to care for what God cares for. We shared stories of amazing projects around the world that were putting hope into action like an orchestra who made their instruments out of things from the landfill where they lived, a dutch captain who sails a ship made from recycled plastic, and a young lawyer who mobilized the largest beach clean up in the world resulting in a plot twist that resulted in a round of applause by one group of high school kids. And we were reminded that hope fuels action and action fuels hope. And finally, many of the groups ended with a brainstorming session on what they could do in their context, asking the important question What Would Jesus Have Me Do Next?

To find out how you can have Cindy come to your congregation, school or group contact her at cindy.verbeek@arocha.ca