The Beyond Basic Sauerkrauts workshop, with Natalie Elizabeth from Edible Alchemy, taught us how to make vegetable kraut. We gathered at Winkler Central Station to step into the ‘Microcosmos’, the world of bacteria. Bacteria are the driving force behind making sauerkraut and vegetable kraut and are the key to its health benefits.

One fact we learned, is that our bodies have more bacterial cells than human cells. These bacteria are essential for digesting food and extracting nutrients. By eating fermented foods, we can add beneficial bacteria to our guts. Additionally, bacteria have already made the vegetables more digestible in fermented foods by breaking them down.

Also, we learned how to add these foods to our diets. To sample the flavours, Natalie brought some of her own sauerkraut, fermented pickles, fermented mustard, sourdough bread, and bean dip that she had made using the brine from one of her previous ferments.

When it came time to make our own, we were encouraged to be creative with the combinations of vegetables and spices we used to flavour our krauts. Everyone was able to make and fill their own unique jar of kraut. Some of the ingredients used were cabbage, apples, garlic, carrots, ginger, celery seeds, cauliflower, kale and beets.


To learn more about fermentation or to get tips to try filling a jar yourself, visit Edible Alchemy’s website.

This workshop was a part of the A Rocha Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre’s series of Nature Talks. Already we have had talks on the Therapeutic Value of Nature and a  screening of the film Back to Eden. Coming up we have: