Spencer Creek, Hamilton – There’s a deep joy in canoeing down rivers in your neighbourhood and the A Rocha Ontario team had a leadership development day doing just that! This trip was back by popular demand from summer student employees who help run programs from May to August. Yet, the most significant moment was not the canoeing, the ice-cream, nor the group learning with facilitator Chris Wignall. The most significant moment was at the very end of our time together when we sat in a circle and shared our successes, challenges and had the chance to be affirmed.

It was most significant to hear about two staff members share how they’d been inspired by the Thursday discussions about faith. They shared how a particular leader, with a Masters in Theological training, had been able to make biblical stories of faith come to life. In his talks, he explained Hebrew words, gave context for the Jewish stories and made connections about the arch of the biblical stories.

No longer was faith about a distant religion with weird practices and traditions. For these two students, faith became real, active and alive–filled with meaning. This is the gift of bringing together special revelation (the Bible) with general revelation (God’s Creation).  

These students have clearly been impacted by God’s spirit and we are so grateful that they were willing to share it with us so that you can see how your gifts to A Rocha are literally changing lives. 

– Luke Wilson, Ontario Director