Written by Christie Goode, VP of Advancement

One of the deep truths that A Rocha has discovered over its 34 years of work around the world, is that it takes a community to care for the earth.  One person, or one family, gets burnt out when doing this work on our own.  We get ground down by the pressures of life in the modern world; we get discouraged by working on the long story of transforming a place.

I happened to watch an early screener for the upcoming movie All Saints, and I discovered it to be a lovely, authentic story that resonates as an A Rocha-type story.  It is a story about a church that decided to use what they had – and it was a pretty paltry loaf and fishes – to feed the poor around them.

If you are heading to a movie theater in late August and want to escape to a story that will inspire you, edify you, and set you on a road to community, consider checking out All Saints.  It is playing in theatres across the country starting August 25.

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