1. Make Sunday a true day of rest.

    Take a Sabbath from driving and shopping.

  2. Worship with intention

    Choose songs and prayers that celebrate God’s creation (living lightly).

  3. Unplug from technology and go explore

    Take the church service outside for Earth Day and Good Seed Sunday. Host a “Prayer Walk for God’s Creation” at nearby ravines or forests.

  4. Seize opportunities to teach and learn

    Use Sunday school, small groups, or the sermon to talk about and discuss what the Bible has to say about our relationship to the environment. For example, focus on the creation stories in Genesis, references to creation in Job or praise of God’s world in the Psalms. Ask a member of the congregation who is in involved in the environmental sector to share about their work, or invite a speaker from a local environmental group.

  5. Consider how your church can reduce waste.

    Swap disposable dishes and cups for reusables, use less paper, and provide recycling and compost bins. If you’re feeling extra zealous, conduct an environmental/energy audit for the church facilities.

  6. Be sure to buy fair trade

    Fair Trade is better for the environment and supports sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint. Consider this when purchasing coffee, tea, and other goods for yourself and the community.

  7. Start a creation care/green committee

    Gather like-minded individuals to lead the congregation, plan events, or share resources to raise awareness of caring for God’s creation.

  8. Be in the know

    Learn about what Christian groups are doing for the environment as a congregation.

  9. Get the youth involved

    The next generation of creation care advocates will have ideas for greening the church and also the energy to see it through!

  10. Make the churchyard a living witness to creation care

    Do away with high-maintenance grass and pesticides. Plant native species. Create a vegetable garden and donate the produce to a food bank or shelter. (source: The Green Bible)

Learn more about Good Seed Sunday. We’d love to hear how you and your church community will be celebrating this year. Share you activities by tagging us in your posts using #GoodSeedSunday.