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WHO: We’re looking for willing volunteers who care about creation and nature conservation. Skills and knowledge are an asset, but all knowledge levels are welcome!

WHAT: Graham (Conservation Science Coordinator) will be leading the group in a forest biodiversity monitoring day. We have set up some permanent monitoring sites to record the plant biodiversity for the area and overtime continue to observe how species diversity is changing. We’ll be working in a 20m×20m area recording a tree stem map, and narrowing in to several 5m×5m sites observing shrubs and 1m×1m sites observing ground vegetation.


Experience identifying Manitoba plants is an asset but not required to participate.

The work will be contributing to:
1. Setting a baseline understanding of the biodiversity of the forest
2. Determining the health of the forest (do we see lots of thriving species or less so)
3. Understanding the succession is part of a healthy forest we want to see how the forest is
growing and changing

WHERE: The Boreal Ecology Centre, 81025 Boggy River Rd., East Braintree, MB

Essentials: bag lunch (including snacks, water bottle etc.), work boots and gloves, good clothes for walking and being outdoors, bug spray/bug net and sunscreen


Contact us here to RSVP

If you have any questions,

don’t hesitate to get in touch!