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Join us for a great opportunity to see the Western toad migration in action! These little neighbors — who qualify as a species at risk — face an incredibly dangerous trek each year, as they brave traffic to migrate en mass from their breeding ponds in two former gravel pits (located at 18 Avenue and 196 Street).

If you are interested in seeing the journey in live time, please meet us at the Brooksdale Environmental Centre parking lot on Saturday, July 21 at 9am, and we will walk or drive down together.

Another option to get involved is to sign up for one of our regular toad road surveys. These will be scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings (7-9PM), starting tomorrow, July 14. Toad road surveys involve walking approximately 2km of road and counting the live and dead toads observed. Please use this sign-up sheet if you would like to join us.

Please refrain from visiting the toad migration site at other times, in order to give our friends lots of traveling space!

Please note that the toads are moving a bit more slowly than expected this year – likely due to recent high temperatures and dry weather. This outing is one of 2 planned attempts to see the toads in action, but it’s good to keep in mind that wildlife has a mind of its own when it comes to schedules!

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