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Journey to Love

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Falling in love with creation

Give someone an opportunity to really get to know God’s handiwork — to smell fresh pine cones, or listen to songbirds in the forest canopy, or watch a beaver build its dam — and they can’t help but fall in love.

Would you help someone fall in love with creation by making a gift to A Rocha this Christmas? If you give by December 31st, your gift will be doubled (up to a total of $20,000)!

Marcelo was one of the many people who long to experience creation but face physical barriers to getting out into nature. But these barriers aren’t insurmountable.

“My knowledge of birds! Ah! Before, I knew sparrows, robins — and we all know seagulls! But that’s it. That was the extent of my knowledge of birds. But to be able to go out into the wild and for people to tell you, ‘That’s this type of bird’ — it invigorates the mind. You probably see those birds all the time, but you had no clue. It awakens the mind. It’s fascinating.”

It only costs $250 to give someone like Marcelo a whole year of accessible and delightful experiences in creation.

When you give to A Rocha, you’re helping someone take the journey from experiencing creation, to loving creation, to caring for creation. That journey might start with a small step, like learning about birds in an accessible and welcoming environment, but it leads to transformed people and places. Would you make a gift to A Rocha today?

I want to apologize to you because our communication pre-maturely mentioned a matching gift of $30,000 when in fact it is $20,000. At the time the appeal letter was sent I was confident the matching gift would be secured. I was mistaken. I take personal responsibility for this error in judgement. Thankfully, we have two donors who committed a combined matching amount of $20,000 to this campaign.

Luke Wilson

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