Do you know your place?

The places where we work and play inform who we are, but most people don’t feel connected to their environment. You deserve to know your place. Do you feel unequipped? Do you feel like you don’t have the time to learn? At Cedar Haven, we will teach you how to care for the earth and reconnect with your place in a direct, hands-on way.

What you can do…

Pick a topic that interests you and find an upcoming event below!

Month by month, Creation Care workshops might focus on:

  • Bird Identification
    • learn calls and songs, monitor nest boxes for native bird species,
  • Water Monitoring
    • learn about our watershed and water quality, explore the species living in our streams and ponds
  • Plant Identification
  • Bumblebee Surveying
    • learn how to catch and identify bumblebees, contribute to citizen science research across the globe
  • Tree Walk
    • learn the names of our tree species by exploring 3 significant forest habitats, take part in a forest survey

Make sure to dress for the weather and feel free to bring a lunch to enjoy in the afternoon.

Creation Care 101 Workshops will be led by A Rocha’s Conservation team (and sometimes, a special guest expert!) Learn more about our ongoing conservation efforts.

How will you care for your place this season?

Creation care is best done in community thing. Find some people who share your concern for your neighbourhood or city and bring them along

This event is open to all — no matter your age, we promise you will learn something.

*If you plan on bringing a large group, please let us know how many are coming and which day you plan on attending. Send us an email at Thanks!

You don’t have to be an expert—you just have to care!

Come care for creation at Cedar Haven!

Cedar Haven is a paradise for birds, trees, butterflies and bees… the perfect place to learn conservation skills that you can take home to the places you love.

Ask our A Rocha team how you can care for creation where you live.

Learn more about the Cedar Haven Eco-Centre.

No matter where you live, you can make a difference.

Why A Rocha?

Since its inception in 1983, A Rocha has been teaching people how to care for the places they love. We can help you begin your creation care journey—it’s easy!

Upcoming Creation Care Workshops

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