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Strengthening Hope, Curiosity, and Community 

At the Boreal Ecology Centre in East Braintree, MB we are preserving habitats and motivating people of all ages as they experience the warmth and wildness of God.

This beautiful place offers a unique combination of sensitive yet accessible wildlife habitat that makes it more than a showpiece, and is a critical part of connecting people to place.

Guiding Concepts that Shape The Boreal Ecology Centre:

Commons: The Boreal Ecology Centre is a shared space for both non-human and human community. By walking through and experiencing this place, you gain a sense of the interrelatedness of all things and a framework for abundant living for all creation.

Table: The Boreal Ecology Centre is a place of belonging and transformation. Through the sharing of meals, work together, and conversation you discover gratitude, patience, and the practise of sharing life.

Hearth: The Boreal Ecology Centre invites you to linger in the warmth, wonder and wildness of God and creation. Here you are welcome to pause, to reflect, and to share.

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