Caring for threatened species
and habitat

Little Campbell River

The Little Campbell River

One of British Columbia’s most endangered rivers, the Little Campbell flows right through our Brooksdale Environmental Centre. Our team studies the Little Campbell River watershed, which is located at the centre of the Salish Sea (or Georgia Basin-Puget Sound Ecoregion) and runs from Langley in the east, through South Surrey and into White Rock where it enters Semiahmoo Bay.

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The Little Campbell River watershed is home to five species of salmon and trout, and a high number of endangered species. The watershed is facing pressure just like other watersheds in the larger Salish Sea and suffers from poor water quality, low water levels during the summer, loss of wetland habitat and loss of forests due to urbanization and agricultural development.

A Rocha Canada’s goal is to protect biodiversity and improve watershed health in and around the Little Campbell River through research, education and practical action. The work includes three major elements:

  1. Surveys and research
  2. Practical habitat restoration
  3. Outreach and engagement

Caring for one of BC’s most endangered rivers.

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