We Remember Bill With Love

(February 11, 1939 – August 1, 2017)

A Tribute to Bill Hendry by Nancy Edwards

Today we celebrate a man so very fine,
loyal, faithful, always kind.
A man who worked and shared and saved
To man and animals he always gave.
He opened up his heart and home.
No one was ever left alone.
Providing for his family,
Picking pears from his tree,
while watching his animals of course,
the favorite of which was his horse.
With his wife and son whom he dearly loved,
He shares his blessings from above.
Cedar Haven provides for all,
Understanding that was God’s call.
Sharing its bounty far and wide,
The wonders of God it does not hide.
The trails, the systems, the flora and fauna,
The learning and protecting continues onward.
We celebrate this special guy
Give praise to God from on high.
Thanking Him for our dear Bill
We love him and we always will.

Happy Birthday, Bill! (February 2023)

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