By Madison Martinez – MB Communications Assistant

Picture a beautiful day. What do you imagine?

I think we all tend to think of beautiful days as sunny and warm. Maybe we picture flowers in bloom, or think of birds chirping softly. Perhaps we even imagine the crisp crunching of the earth beneath our feet as we walk or the splashing of water at a lake or beach. Of all the things we imagine, rain rarely comes to mind. Why is that?Gravel path with grass on each side and sparse trees. Cloudy sky.

I’ll be the first to admit that rainy days were not a favourite of mine. They made me sluggish, and getting out of bed on a rainy day was an even bigger challenge than usual. However, I’ve come to realize how underappreciated these boring rainy days are. In the big picture and in and of themselves, boring rainy days are truly wonderful components of God’s creation. By rethinking these boring rainy days, I was given an opportunity to see the rain, the earth and my life differently. 

I think the simplest way to rethink these rainy days is to imagine ourselves without rain. In our day to day lives, rain may be an inconvenience, but the world we know simply cannot exist without rain. Personally, I am reminded of devastating wildfires which have become more common recently, partially due to droughts. Thinking of those forests and all the people and other living creatures that live nearby, I am just so grateful for every drop of rain that falls from the sky.

I’ve also started to rethink rainy days by taking notice of their special qualities. These boring rainy days have a unique calmness. The steady rhythm of rainfall becomes soothing, and it sets a restful pace for my day. As hard as I might try to fight it, the rain really pushes me to slow down and take notice. The extra steps of grabbing an umbrella, putting on extra layers or trying to avoid puddles and mud, give me a chance to act with intention and observe the world around me. On my commute into work, the traffic moves slower. This gives me time to look beyond the cars ahead of me. Through my rain soaked windows, I see more. I look at the birds I cross on my way into work. I note changes I see in the trees. I even try to count the many shades of grey and blue that make up the clouds in the sky. It’s my normal commute, but through different eyes.

Gravel pathway with grass on either side and large trees in the distance. Rainclouds in the sky.Getting out into the rain really helped me learn to appreciate it as well. While rain used to be my signal to stay in, I have come to love venturing into it. Walking through my neighbourhood’s park, there’s a more muted beauty. It’s quieter. Over the rain, I can still hear birds chirping in the distance. Looking up at the sky, I watch the clouds shift. Against my skin, the rain is cool and refreshing. As I walk, the pattering of rain easily slips into the background of my thoughts. In the rain, time seems endless, and my thoughts seem clearer. It has become my favourite way to reflect.

I think in rethinking our perceptions of boring rainy days, we can learn to see our lives differently. Our lives are so full of God’s grace, and the boring parts only challenge us to take better notice of it. And perhaps boredom isn’t as boring as we might think. These boring rainy days may be God’s way of helping us escape ourselves. They remind us to rest, slow down and reflect. These days give us an opportunity to actively seek out and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. So, the next time it rains, instead of groaning  or sighing, I challenge you to embrace all that a boring rainy day has to offer.


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