Project Description

Donor & Database Administrator

Sharon has an academic background in Business Administration. She’s worked for the CRA, the Banking Industry, and the Financial Ministry at her Church, before joining the A Rocha Canada Team. Her personal passions are traveling and serving her local community in the area of food security. One of the programs that excite her the most at A Rocha is the Farm to Families Program. Sharon will be continuing her education this fall at BCIT in order to pursue her desire of becoming a Public Speaker, which also includes creating content for her Social Media Pages, and future Spotify and Youtube accounts. Working at a farm feels like a daily adventure because there’s so much to discover on a weekly and daily basis. Sharon is tapping into areas of interest that have been untouched previously, as she grew up as a typical ‘city kid.’ She encourages families and individuals to visit  A Rocha in their spare time to meet the rest of the A Rocha Family, so people can see what Creation Care looks like up close and personal, and even challenge themselves to volunteer in areas of interest and curiosity!