Project Description

Communications & Administrative Assistant

Sarah came to A Rocha’s Northern BC Project in Houston, BC as a Communications and Administrative Assistant in 2021 with a variety of experience in journalism, communications, admin and natural resources. Growing up in Houston, she has a love for environmental sustainability, community learning and creation.

Her passion for writing and her attention to detail led her to complete a BA in English and her desire for communications brought her to roles at various publications, a nature centre and a Christian school in Alberta. With 9 years of journalism experience, 4 years of administrative work and 4 years of communications and promotions, Sarah is excited to blend her interests in this position at A Rocha. She brings a positive attitude, efficient organizational skills and creative thinking. Her hope is to see the Buck Creek Hatchery & Nature Centre grow as a place of community sharing as well as a tourist destination, environmental education provider and a research and conservation hub.