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Protect and restore wetland habitats today

This Christmas season, I can’t help but think of the beautiful richness of our relationships and celebrations. There are rich relationships in nature, too, wherever biodiverse ecosystems thrive. Wetlands are the most essential of these—yet they are disappearing fast.

The good news is that you can help! It costs only $32.90 to restore and protect one square metre of wetland habitat.

By December 31, will you please donate to restore wetlands cared for by A Rocha Canada? If you do, your donation will be doubled by a generous donor (up to $10,000)—that means twice the impact for healthy habitats!

Luke Wilson

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Why wetlands?

  • Wetlands are homes for endangered fish, amphibians, waterfowl, and other creatures.
  • They minimize the dangers of extreme weather for human populations.
  • They are our best defence against climate change and reducing its impacts.

The loss of wetlands and surrounding habitat has consequences not only for local wildlife and ecosystems but for global sustainability. But you can help stop their destruction and let wetlands flourish.

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What will your gift look like?

Before restoration, invasive grasses choked this wetland, taking away homes from vital native species. Donors like you have cleared the waterways for birds, fish, amphibians, and even mammals like beavers to thrive. You can make an impact like this by giving today.

For over 20 years, A Rocha Canada has been transforming people and places through hands-on conservation projects, environmental education programs and sustainable agriculture initiatives across the country.