Project Description

Pond Restoration

Cedar Haven is home to an incredible level of biodiversity and of habitat diversity, with a strong concentration of biodiversity around sources of water on the property. Ponds can serve as critical interfaces between terrestrial and aquatic landscapes. Due to the high diversity that pond habitats contain, our team has begun to improve the health and stability of our pond. This largely involves invasive species removal, native plantings, and the introduction of trees and other habitat features to increase habitat diversity around the site and to improve conditions overall. Through these efforts, we hope to reduce the impact of things like algal blooms and invasive species along the banks, while providing a natural and beautiful habitat.

The pond is home to exciting species and species that are either Vulnerable, Imperiled or of Special Concern at a national or provincial level. Snapping Turtles have laid eggs around the pond, and young turtles (both Snapping Turtles and Painted Turtles) have been seen in and around its waters. Snakes such as the Eastern Milksnake and Northern Watersnake have been sighted in the grass around the pond, or swimming in the pond itself. Fish species like Pike have been known to live in the pond, with some juveniles observed within the waters. Semi-aquatic mammals such as Muskrats and Fishers call the pond and surrounding marsh their home. Imperiled dragonflies like the Arrowhead Spiketail can be seen darting around the pond capturing prey, and the charismatic Monarch butterfly is often found around the various milkweeds or Joe-Pye Weeds. In short, the pond is an immensely important feature of Cedar Haven, and we wish to steward it to a healthier state.