Project Description

Assistant Internship Coordinator

Patrice came to A Rocha in 2016 as an intern in Sustainable Agriculture and Food and Hospitality, thinking it would be a brief interlude before going back to regular life. After a term of experiencing the deep welcome of the A Rocha Brooksdale community and the holistic expressions of shalom she found there, she couldn’t bring herself to leave. She loves the internship program and the way it has potential to transform and deepen interns’ relationships with God, others, and the earth. Bringing a desire to see the earth and its’ inhabitants restored to wholeness, she works as the Assistant Internship Coordinator. In her spare time she enjoys delighting in where she lives by visiting the farm animals, trying to get a glimpse of the mountains wherever she is, figuring out how to make things or fix things herself, and reading up on psychology, spirituality and health.

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