Project Description


Markku was the founding Executive Director and later President of A Rocha Canada from 2001 to January 2018. He has been on medical leave since July 2017, and in January he and the Board of Directors decided that he would not return to his role as president.

In the next few months, Markku, the Board, the National Management Team, and others within A Rocha International (ARI) will be exploring the possibility of a role for Markku with ARI.

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Markku is a Professional Biologist (MSc) and has worked as an environmental consultant in the private sector. He is passionate about helping people from all walks of life experience the wonder of creation and the love of the Creator as they embrace their roles as stewards of God’s world. Markku, his wife Leah and their two daughters share life with five other families on Kingfisher Farm.

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