Project Description

The Linlathen Vision

In 19th century Scotland a former lawyer, Thomas Erskine, gave unique expression to the passions he and his colleagues shared for community, hospitality, and ecumenical congeniality.

Desiring to pursue a better understanding of God through engagement with theology, nature, and culture, Erskine gathered to his rural home diverse persons interested in similar engagements.

Ministers, authors, musicians, scientists, artists, philosophers, and laypersons congenially concurred and dissented – and carried on the conversations with others as they returned to their respective communities.

We cannot offer a Scottish country estate, but we would like to replicate Erskine’s concept of hospitality here in the Ottawa Valley, on a farm in Lanark County. Our prayer is that these Linlathen endeavours will generate new dialogue amongst a similar mix of hearts and minds desiring to learn, grow, & change.