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Cultivate a Love for Creation in the Next Generation


What if protecting the environment was as easy as getting kids out in nature more?

This year, did you find yourself seeking more opportunities for you, your kids or your grandkids to go outside and learn about creation? Did the beauty, goodness and wonder of rivers, forests, animals, plains and mountains refresh you, especially when you felt “distanced”?

“This spring…[kids’] screen time more than doubled, from an average of 2.6 hours to 5.8 hours a day, not including time spent doing schoolwork.”1

Limited exposure to nature makes it difficult for kids to build a love for creation. You can reverse this issue by getting kids out in nature more.

Invite them to engage with the wonder of creation — to inhale the sweetness of carrots pulled from the garden, listen to different songbirds and learn to identify them, or hold a slimy worm and realize it’s not so gross after all — and they can’t help but see creation as good.

Their wide-eyed wonder, rosy cheeks, and awakened minds point to the profound benefits of outdoor classrooms: less stress, more confidence and courage, improved decision-making skills, a sense of belonging and acceptance, and a significant commitment to the community and environmental stewardship.

Your $370 one-time gift makes it possible for one field-trip (on-site or virtual) that teaches over 20 kids to get into nature and discover their love for creation. If you prefer to give monthly, that’s $30 per month. 

There’s never been a better time for getting kids into nature.

Because A Rocha programming is inter-connected, your gift also protects species at risk and restores their habitat.

Would you make a gift today to inspire kids and protect creation?


Luke Wilson

C.E.O., A Rocha Canada

P.S. Your donation will be carefully administered with the understanding that, should the occasion arise such that the needs of the program have been fully met, your gift will be put to good use supporting other aspects of the A Rocha general budget.


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Connect Kids to Creation


Aisha, Jasmine (not their real names) discovering a connection with creation by harvesting fresh carrots at A Rocha’s Brooksdale Centre.