Project Description

Vice Chair

The joy of creation has been celebrated by Karen for all of her adult life in such activities as camping, hiking, sailing and gardening. The progressive revelation regarding the responsiblitiy to intentionally care for creation has been awakened in the last decade.

Working in the non-profit sector for most of her life, Karen is currently an urban worker, connecting neighbours and contributing to the good in East Vancouver. The focus is on shaping a community of welcome in a 6 bedroom home in the heart of the neighborhood. The shared life of the community embraces values of simplicity, downward mobility, sustainability and radical hospitality.

Karen is on a taskforce that has developed a Christian Food Network, has led community kitchens, is learning to grow her own food and seeking to involve neighbors in doing the same, with a focus on “grow-a-row-share-a-row”. She also serves on the Executive Board of World Vision.