Project Description

Environmental Educator

Jeremy grew up on the Trent River, exploring the forest, streams and fields in his backyard. Studies in Environmental Science at Redeemer University and field courses at Au Sable Institute in Michigan gave Jeremy a technical training in science, but also the tools to consider how his faith and environmental ethic are interrelated. Before joining the team full-time, he also spent three summers on staff at A Rocha’s Cedar Haven Eco-Centre living out these values through conservation (’17) and environmental education (’19 & ’20).

Jeremy loves science and studying the natural world as one way to see the depth of who God is and how he reveals himself to us through complexity and design. It is a joy for him to be able to take this knowledge and share that with other people that they might wonder at God and his creation. He believes that wondering at – and interacting with – the natural world is the gateway to caring for it. In light of this, he is excited to be involved in environmental education at Cedar Haven.

In his free time you can find Jeremy playing soccer, spending time with friends and learning to rock climb.