Project Description

We offer field trips on a variety of topics that connect children (and youth) with the natural world! We believe in hands-on and science-based education that fosters lifelong curiosity about nature.

Each of our field trips include immersive, science-based nature experiences and up-close encounters with living things. Our sessions can be adapted for all ages to align with the Ontario Science Curriculum. As well, we will collaborate with you to ensure our lessons match up with your group’s learning objectives. Please see the form below for more details about the field trip topics we offer!


The cost is $12 per student (with a minimum total cost of $72).

Field Trip Length

Field trips are 3 hours in length and can be booked within the hours of 9AM and 3PM on Tuesdays (excluding holidays).

Book a Field Trip

Booking for field trips this fall (September – November) is now available! Check out our availability, then fill out the form below to inquire about booking. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Field Trip Inquiry (ARON)

Thank you for your interest in a field trip with A Rocha Ontario! Please fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you to confirm your visit to the Cedar Haven Eco-Centre.

See available dates for the spring (September - November) here.
Group Information

Field Trip Information

In the box above, please let us know if a there is a specific day or a particular month that works best to help us narrow down our available dates. Please note that booking is currently only available on Tuesdays. See available dates for the fall (September - November) here.

Below you can find a list of available program topics. Each topic revolves around a specific "nature encounter" — an up close, hands-on interaction — that inspires wonder and curiosity. All of our lessons can be adapted to the age of your group, and we use the Ontario Science Curriculum to ensure that we're aligning with your learning goals. Connect with us at if you have questions about how any of the trips could work with your class or group.

Mission: Moss (April, May, June, September, October, November)
In this encounter, students will enter the secret world of moss. Through observing the characteristics of moss, they'll learn how diverse moss actually is and how it grows/reproduces. Students will experiment with different varieties of moss to notice which absorbs the most water, and will learn the names of common mosses in the forests of Ontario.

Brilliant Birds (May, June)
In this encounter, students will participate in monitoring bird boxes at CHEC. They will learn to determine bird species by observing the nest, and will work to record their observations for conservation use. Depending on the season, they'll see bird nests, bird eggs, or chicks.

Pond Life (May, June, September)
In this encounter, students will spend time observing life in the pond habitat. They will catch pond creatures at various stages in metamorphosis, and observe them closely using magnifying glasses and microscopes. They'll discuss the diversity observed, and the ways that the species they find are connected as an ecosystem.

Pollinator Power (May, June, September)
In this encounter, students will have the opportunity to get close up to pollinators by spending time netting insects in a flower-filled meadow. Once they've caught an insect, we'll trap it in a vial so they can closely investigate its characteristics. This lesson discusses the importance of pollination.

Trees Please! (September, October, November)
In this encounter, students will look at the parts of a tree and how each of them are used. They will count rings to learn how old a tree is, find leaves to learn to identify trees, and collect seeds to save for conservation purposes.

Forest Floor (September, October, November)
In this encounter, students will explore the ground level of our Cedar Forest, investigating the plants, animals, and fungi that live there. We'll discuss the importance of decomposers, nutrient cycling, and what makes a healthy forest floor.



The calendar below shows our availability (September – November 2023). On Tuesdays, we are able to host one program per day at the Cedar Haven Eco-Centre. In the calendar below, available dates are marked with an event from 9AM – 5PM, called “Programs Available”. We recommend using the week-view to check out our available dates in this calendar.  If you have any questions about our  availability, please reach out to us at