On Saturday, March 18, A Rocha Ottawa held a family event that attracted 29 people. A large snowfall earlier in the week made conditions great for outdoor activities. Two groups of skiers and one group of snowshoers explored the trails in Gatineau Park. After an afternoon of outdoor activity everyone enjoyed a potluck dinner that featured a wide diversity of main course dishes and desserts.

The evening program featured a film by theologian, poet, and environmentalist Loren Wilkinson called “Making Peace With Creation”. Wilkinson tackles the environmental crisis that humanity is facing head on.

In Wilkinson’s lifetime, the global population has gone from 2 to 7 billion, the CO2 content in the atmosphere has gone from 280 to 400 parts per million, and the acidity of the oceans has increased by 30%. Using poetry, art, and insights from Christian and secular thinkers, Wilkinson’s film conveys a powerful message for Christian environmentalists: Christ’s work is not just about reconciling people and God, but about “making peace with all creation.”


The film laid out a convincing case that we face an environmental crisis that is partly spiritual and social and cannot be reduced to scientific and “technical” considerations. The film and Loren’s work further two of A Rocha Canada’s goals: helping people to reconnect with nature, and calling Christians to an understanding that peace with creation needs to be part of our faith and witness.

With beautiful footage of the area near the Wilkinons’ farm on Galiano Island and the BC coast, and a discussion of the ocean ecosystem, “Making Peace with Creation” reminds Canadians that we in particular have much at stake in efforts to fight climate change and care for the environment. Comments were received that the film was well thought out, thought provoking and inspiring.

Next Event:

Saturday May 20, 2017: Lauriault Trail Walk, Potluck Supper and an evening with Leah Kostamo (Co-founder of A Rocha Canada).

Leah will also be participating in a dialogue with Margaret Atwood on the topic of The Future of Religion in Canada on Friday evening May 19 at the University of Ottawa.  See: http://artsites.uottawa.ca/restorying-canada/en/keynotes/#dystopia

Engage in Creation Care:

Again this year we will be having an A Rocha Garden at the University of Ottawa and adopting a trail in Gatineau Park. If you would like to help out with either of these activities please e-mail: paul.heintzman@arocha.ca