Summary Findings: Operation Wild 2018-2021

There is a quote by Steven Bouma-Prediger that beautifully and precisely captures the vision of
Operation Wild. It goes as follows:

“We care for only what we love. We love only what we know. We truly know only what we experience. If we do not know our place-know it in more than a passing, cursory way, know it intimately and personally-then we are destined to use and abuse it” (Bouma-Prediger, 2010, p. 21).

This certainly applies to our relationship with the natural world, but also applies to our relationships with one another as well. It is this journey of moving through experiencing, knowing, loving, and finally caring for both each other and the natural world that Operation Wild seeks to guide participants through. In this summary, we will review some of the key findings of Operation Wild over the past three years and a half years.

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