On June 18, 2016 A Rocha teamed up with the Graduate and Faculty Christian Fellowship (GFCF) group at the University of Ottawa for a small gathering to explore creation. The group hiked the Skyline Trail, swam in Kingsmere Lake, had a delicious potluck supper and heard from two speakers affiliated with the GFCF group.

Jeff Swim, a M.A. in English Literature student, discussed how late nineteenth and early twentieth century British author, Kenneth Grahame explores the complicated relationship between technological ‘progress’ and its effect on the soul. Grahame depicts the addictive nature of speed in the iconic character Toad of Toad Hall, who’s obsession with the motor car represents the inebriating influence of technological novelty and the seductive nature of consumerism. Jeff illustrated how Grahame upholds the spiritual importance of aesthetic contemplation, and the value of community over immoderate individualism.

Paul Heintzman, a professor of leisure studies, shared findings from a study on the perceived outcomes of participation in Gatineau Park interpretation programs conducted by former master’s student Sarah Padbury. One finding was that there was a significant relationship between the outcome of environmental literacy and recreation satisfaction.