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For Non-Canadian Applicants
Many non-Canadian interns must obtain a travel visa in order to enter Canada and participate in our internship program. While residents from some countries are visa-exempt, and can simply arrive at the border and enter without a problem, residents from other countries may have a difficult time getting a travel visa.
If you are unsure about requirements regarding whether or not you may need a travel visa, please see the Canadian government website here.  We do not support work or student visa applications.

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Please note there is a $15 application fee. You will be redirected to a payment page in order to process this fee at the end of the application.

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Please note the following start / end months for each term (see for specific dates):
  • Spring: February - May
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Please provide contact information for 3 references. Please provide one reference who can speak to your work, one who can speak to your character, and one who has played a mentorship role or who has been a leader (small group leader, pastor, coach, etc) in your life. References should not be family members.
For those applying for the Environmental Education program, please make sure 2 of your references can speak to your experience with children or vulnerable people. 
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See for details on program fees. Fee includes room and board and program cost.

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