Written by Queenie Hewitt

Katelyn Cannon and Ruth Douglas helped kick-start this beautiful communal veggie garden with their church community as part of their Applied Ecology Class at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. I met them early spring of 2016 at the site of Christ Covenant Church in Langley. We met close to the parking lot on the corner of grass lawn that would house these Community Garden plots and gathering space.

Katelyn and Ruth showed me their plan sketched out on graph paper with the goal of growing almost every vegetable imaginable and smartly set up with irrigation. I worked with Katelyn and Ruth to work out details of how to arrange the garden beds to get the best use of their limited space as well as make it ergonomically friendly with ideal widths for garden beds and spaces between them to fit people and wheelbarrows. Here in the photo you can see the keyhole style arrangement and maximizing the border of the fence. They also took advantage of the plots along the fence to grow tall crops such as pole beans and peas. What isn’t photographed here is a sitting space for the gardeners to sit and convene.

Christ Covenant Church Pilot Garden Plot in Langley 2016

The garden season went smoothly and the pilot garden project was a deemed a success.  I mean, can’t you tell by looking at that harvest of such robust healthy orange carrots? Best ones I’ve seen that have come out of a community garden plot, honestly! Christ Covenant Church is looking into expanding the site to include plots for individuals to rent this year.

Photos courtesy of Katelyn Cannon, and pictured here is her sister Esther Cannon with that carrot bounty.

P.S. If you have photos of your community garden harvest that can rival this, I’d love to see them!