The ‘Garden of Eatin’

The ‘Garden of Eatin’ began as a community outreach project for First Christian Reformed Church of Vancouver. We hope to unite a community of stewards, trying to experience the full generosity of God through building relationships, working together, eating well, and witnessing the miracle of growth.  We have seen the flourishing of these relationships and the appreciation for creation!

We started with 2 plots in the spring of 2008, and grew to 10 plots spring of 2009, and in 2010 we are seeing the growth of more plots, a composting system, curb gardens (as part of the Vancouver green-streets program), a home-made bench and a unique garden shed.

Our community garden is one way we explore our call to steward God’s good gifts to us – to wonder at what e.c. cummings calls the ‘mud-licous and puddle-wonderful’ mystery of creation, marvel at a world made new every morning, and take care of our little corner of creation.

Our garden is now included in the City of Vancouver’s garden tours:

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