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Lent is a solemn Christian practice of reflection, repentance, prayer and fasting. This 40 day period leading up to Easter invites Christians to intentionally set aside time to deepen one’s faith and commitment to God.

You are invited on a lenten journey focused on praying with creation. Each week will feature a different contemplative spiritual practice, such as Lectio Terra, or the Ignatian Daily Examen, meant to help you take your prayer practice into creation.

CHANGE OF LOCATION: We will meet at 6:30 pm at Omand’s Creek Park at the corner of Wolseley Ave and Raglan Rd. 

We will walk for a total 30mins (return). During our walk you are invited to contemplate, pray (silently), and if you are able pick up garbage (bring gloves/bags).

Contact us here to RSVP