Tell us about your Community Garden Project!

Community Garden Profile Survey

We would like to gather some information about your garden. Please take some time to fill out this survey. We will share this information on our website to encourage communication among churches and gardeners in our Community Garden Network. Thank you!
    About Your Garden

    Garden Contact Information
    Please provide an email so that interested people can contact the garden coordinator / committee. This will help us facilitate communication within our Community Garden Network.

    Do you have a web page where people can learn more about your Community Garden, church group, or organization?
    Location of Garden
    Provide the most accurate location possible, we want to input this into a Google Map that will show all the gardens in our Network across Canada!

    Your Story

    If you don't know the exact date, share a rough guess at the closest date the garden has been put "in the ground".

    Tell us your vision, mission and goals for this initiative.

    Tell us how this Gardening project is worthwhile and continues to motivate your efforts. What are some ongoing tensions that are challenging to work out?

    (e.g. garden plans, garden photos, presentations, gardening reflections, garden data...)
    Liability and Insurance

    (e.g. waiver / release of claims forms) Most Church Organization General Liability Insurance covers gardening activity on church property. Do you have any additional experience or advice to share in this area?

    Maintaining Your Garden

    List the approximate costs in materials, and equipment in $ amount. If you have more than one year's experience, list both start-up and annual operating costs. This will help others have an idea how much money to budget for a similar project. You can also use this space to recognize companies/organizations donating to your project and other sources you've received help from.

    Please include: the people who coordinate the garden, volunteers, garden members, people the produce goes to and anyone else connected to the garden.

    Feel free to include the amount given away to a other charities such as Food Banks. We recommend weighing the produce so that you're able to track 'pounds of produce' grown. This helps raise awareness and credibility among the wider community.