To Stop and To Notice

To Stop and To Notice Summer Staff Reflection Written by Hannah Horling, Education Programs Assistant (Summer 2023) Edited by Madison Martinez, Communications and Administrative Coordinator August 2023 [...]

To Stop and To Notice2023-09-12T07:00:44-07:00

Lessons from the Changing Seasons

Lessons from the Changing Seasons Fall gives us an opportunity for reflection and contemplation By Scott Gerbrandt, Manitoba Director  Sept 6, 2023 Did you see [...]

Lessons from the Changing Seasons2023-09-06T14:05:09-07:00

“How was your time at A Rocha?”

Written by Megan Tanlimco, a Conservation Science resident, pictured above. --- I came to A Rocha as a break from school, where my time was governed by lectures, assignments, and exams. [...]

“How was your time at A Rocha?”2023-09-05T14:11:11-07:00

Sound Wave Symphony

Sound Wave Symphony A lesson in curiosity and connection By Amy Lieuwen, Summer Environmental Education Coordinator (A Rocha Northern BC) August 28, 2023 I never imagined [...]

Sound Wave Symphony2023-08-28T08:34:21-07:00