Plastic-Free February

Images by Sören Funk February is Plastic-free Month Microplastics are the material left behind when plastics decompose. They have been found in human blood, lungs and even in unborn foetuses - a new study in Europe [...]

Plastic-Free February2023-12-21T14:45:39-08:00

Guest Blog: Reflections on Consider the Lilies Conference

Reflections on Be Not Afraid - Consider the Lilies Conference Three days of rigorous thinking, lively conversation, conviviality, joy, celebration, and friendship. By Kurt Armstrong, Community Development [...]

Guest Blog: Reflections on Consider the Lilies Conference2023-07-06T09:32:17-07:00

Winnipeg’s Lost Creeks

Winnipeg's Lost Creeks The creeks that once criss-crossed this city can teach us about living together with nature By Marnie Klassen, A Rocha Manitoba Communications and Admin [...]

Winnipeg’s Lost Creeks2023-03-03T08:15:02-08:00