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Planting A Bur Oak

Planting A Bur Oak Written by Anthony Siegrist, A Rocha Ontario Director July 2024 The other parents and I were getting off the school bus, when [...]

Planting A Bur Oak2024-07-16T07:12:16-07:00

Considering the Lilies – A Discussion

Considering the Lilies - A discussion Zoe, Beth, and Rob sit down for a discussion on creation care theology By Zoe Matties - Manitoba Program Manager July 4, [...]

Considering the Lilies – A Discussion2024-07-04T17:21:02-07:00

Frogs, Food and Finches

Frogs, Food and Finches Written by Natalie Allen, Tatalu Conservation Resident, pictured above. --- Arriving at A Rocha BC has been a season of new encounters. A new place, a [...]

Frogs, Food and Finches2024-05-31T16:54:29-07:00

Guest Blog: Wading the Creek

Wading the Creek Written by Andrew Wiebe, a Research Associate at the University of Waterloo May 2024 I had studied this particular creek during my PhD, [...]

Guest Blog: Wading the Creek2024-05-22T05:58:58-07:00

Friend of A Rocha Interview: Dr. Ryan Turnbull

Friend of A Rocha Interview: Dr. Ryan Turnbull New course explores the ideas of integral ecology and theologies of solidarity Edited by Zoe Matties, Manitoba Program Manager [...]

Friend of A Rocha Interview: Dr. Ryan Turnbull2024-04-02T12:33:53-07:00